BMW Motorcycle club of Iceland

This website is owned and operated by the Icelandic BMW motorcycle club.
We are avid fans of BMW motorcycles and we truly believe these bikes were specifically designed with Iceland in mind.
The information on this website is all in Icelandic, but some information might still be interesting to look at.

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Some helpful advice in case you plan to take your own BMW motorcycle to Iceland:

  1.  There is a new  BMW motorcycle dealership and service in Iceland.


    Bolholti 4   105 Reykjavík  tel.+354 5109090

  2. The road that encircles Iceland (road one) is fully paved. Main side-roads are also paved but may be narrower.
  3. All F- marked roads are roads in the highland are mountain tracks restricted to 4×4 vehicles (that is if you are driving on four wheels 🙂  ). These F roads can be much worse unpaved roads than you have seen before. They may have big rocks and loose gravel all over. It is to be expected to have to cross creeks and rivers on the way. – So if you are driving a racer or street bike these tracks are definitely not for you.
  4. All driving off road is strictly illegal. It may seem like there is not much vegetation that can be damaged, but resist the temptation to drive off road. (Helicopters and planes have been used by the highland patrol) There are heavy fines that we all would much rather spend on gas on our next trip. So respect the wilderness – it is a win win deal.
  5. Helmets and protective clothing is required by law in Iceland. Orange or yellow vests are not required, but their use is steadily increasing.
  6. And finally the classic – Please don’t drink and drive.
Have a safe trip.

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